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Premises Liability

Experienced Premises Liability Attorney Serving Murrells Inlet

Skilled representation for victims of slip and fall accidents in coastal South Carolina

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, you probably have questions about your rights. Does the landlord have to compensate you for your medical bills, lost income, and your pain and suffering? The answer is possibly, but not automatically. There are many legal points you must prove with credible evidence to build a case for liability. Your case may seem cut and dried to you, but convincing a judge or jury could be a very different matter. Fortunately, the Law Offices of David L. Hood can help. We have substantial experience in premises liability cases and can capably manage litigation for various accident scenarios, such as a slip and fall, trip and fall, or falling merchandise injury.

Proving liability for a premises liability injury in South Carolina

There are four main elements to a premises liability case that an injured plaintiff must prove by a preponderance of the evidence:

  • Duty — The landowner had a duty of care toward the plaintiff.
  • Breach — The landlord breached the duty of care.
  • Causation — The landlord’s breach directly caused the plaintiff to be injured.
  • Damages — The plaintiff suffered economic losses, physical pain and mental suffering.

Whether the landowner had a duty of care generally depends on who the plaintiff is. South Carolina law recognizes several types of victims in premises liability cases:

  • Adult trespasser — The landlord generally owes no duty of care to a trespasser, but has a duty to refrain from causing deliberate harm.
  • Licensee — A landlord has a duty to warn social visitors about known hazards.
  • Invitee — A landlord has a higher duty to guests whose presence on the property confers some benefit to the landlord. These are generally business customers and clients. The landlord must exercise reasonable care to discover hidden hazards and either remove them or provide adequate warning to keep the invitee safe.
  • Child trespasser — Depending on the circumstances, a landowner may have a duty similar to that owed invitees.

Most plaintiffs in a premises liability case are either licensees or invitees. Since the defendant landowner has a different duty, proof of breach is also different:

  • Breach of duty to a licensee — The licensee must prove the landlord knew about the hazard that caused injury but failed to warn or provided an inadequate warning.
  • Breach of duty to an invitee — The invitee must prove a reasonable landlord would have known about the hazard, but this landlord did not do what was necessary to discover and/or remove the hazard, or simply did not provide adequate warning.

Premises liability accidents depend on the totality of the circumstances. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced attorney who can assemble the evidence necessary to support your version of what happened. It’s also important to act quickly, so we can get to work before a landowner removes evidence of the hazard that injured you and witnesses start to forget what really happened.

Seeking full compensation for devastating injuries

A sudden slip and fall onto a hard surface can produce painful and disabling injuries, such as:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones
  • Compressed vertebrae
  • Spinal trauma

If you are injured, it’s important to get medical treatment as quickly as possible. This is always the safest course of action for your health, but it also eliminates any suspicion that your injury might have resulted from a subsequent event. If you have a significant injury, you can make a claim for future medical bills and your future pain and suffering. However, it’s important to retain a personal injury attorney with the proven skill to manage a complex case like yours, so you can maximize the amount of compensation you receive.

Contact an accomplished trial lawyer in Murrells Inlet for your premises liability case

The Law Offices of David L. Hood provides proven representation in complex premises liability cases throughout southeast South Carolina. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 843-485-0011 or contact our Murrells Inlet office online.

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