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car accident litigation attorneyOne of the best ways that you can help your car accident lawyer build the best possible case for you is for you to save all the paperwork related to your case. This includes medical bills, receipts for costs, logs of expenses, and proof showing loss of income from your employment. In addition, you should log all of your medical visits and any treatment. Keeping such a log will give your attorney an idea of what is going on with you as well as document the seriousness of your injuries.

As you move through the process of dealing with your injury and healing, you will have to sign many forms. This is because medical professionals, medical treatment facilities, employers, and many other establishments will not release personal information about you without your signed, written consent. In most cases, it is illegal to release personal information to anyone (even the lawyer for the patient) without the proper forms. Your South Carolina car accident lawyer will request that you sign the appropriate forms required for them to retrieve information about you.

Tips to help you help your lawyer:

  • Return phone calls in a timely fashion.
  • Carefully read all correspondence sent to you.
  • Show up on time to all of your medical appointments.
  • Create a list of people who are potential witnesses and could testify about the incident or your injuries.
  • Create and keep audiovisual documentation.
  • Let your South Carolina personal injury attorney know about any changes in contact information such as address or phone numbers.
  • Alert your South Carolina personal injury attorney if your personal situation, such as employment or marital status, has changed.
  • Keep your attorney informed as to any changes in the injury or condition that resulted from the accident.
  • Take accurate photos of the car accident.

If you have been injured in an accident call any of our local offices or our toll free number (866) 610-4663 for more information. There are no attorney’s fees unless you have a recovery.*

Clients are not liable for any expenses, unless there is a recovery in their case; however, if there is a recovery in their case, clients will be liable for expenses. Attorneys fees are based on a percentage of the recovery, which will be computed before deducting expenses.

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