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Gas Mileage Problems with the 2018/2019 Honda Accord Hybrids

Purchasers of the 2018 and 2019 Honda Accord Hybrids have been surprised to find out that their new Accord Hybrid are not getting the gas mileage that was advertised by Honda. Honda’s website advertises the 2018 model getting 47 city, and 47 highway miles per gallon (MPG), and advertises the 2019 model getting 48 city and 48 highway MPG.

Honda customers are paying the extra money for the higher MPG that hybrids are known for, but many are finding out that the MPG is not necessarily as advertised.

Reviews on the 2019 model on

  • GG, 01/24/2019

“You won’t get anywhere near the 48 MPG the EPA estimates show. 39 mpg isn’t bad compared to the non-hybrid versions but falls far short of the advertised 48/48/48.”

  • NRJ, 05/22/2019


I bought this car strictly for the gas mileage. Big mistake. Simply doesn’t get more than 36 mpg, which is less than my 2016 Accord non-hybrid.”

Reviews on 2018 model on

  • Richard Rappaport, 06/21/2018

Great car, but I expected better MPG

I’ve only been getting around 37MPG after owning the car for about 8 months. I’m not happy with that since I was supposed to get closer to the 47MPG sticker. I know people with a Prius that report getting more MPG than the sticker says. I was accepting of the 42mpg I originally got but now that I’ve dipped into the 30’s and I’m a little annoyed.”

  • Chris, 12/12/2018

Miles per gallon on the decline

I purchased a 2018 Hybrid touring in June 2018. Upon initially driving the vehicle I would get on average 43-44 MPG on my daily 15 mile commute. Now on that same commute after 6 months, that mileage has gone to about 39-40 MPG. Same commute, same driver, same conditions, same driving habits.”

Reviews on the 2019 model on

  • by BarbInPortland from Portland, OR on Mon Apr 15 2019

MPG False Advertising; nice amenities

…we were puzzled and disappointed in the gas mileage. After 3 months, it’s sitting at 35.6 miles per gallon. Why did we pay for a hybrid — ostensibly the best one out there — and end up with weak MPG?”

  • by Davidrcpo from Frederick, Maryland on Sun Mar 10 2019

Does not achieve the claimed fuel efficiency

I have driven 4000 miles on my 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid touring and am averaging 36.9 miles per gallon in flat, easy, highway driving. Honda claims 48 mpg for this vehicle. Dealership said many Honda Accord Hybrid owners experiencing similar fuel efficiency as me.”

Reviews on the 2018 model on

  • by DRIVER8 from Springfield, ILLINOIS on Tue Jan 29 2019

MPG not as advertised

Honda advertises 47 mpg overall. Well, that’s just a joke, it turns out. Even though my commute involves little stop and go, and I drive in econ mode mostly, over 4250 miles my average is 36.9 mpg. In the cold weather recently, last 300 miles, less than 35 mpg. Not bad, you say? Well, that’s no different than the base model.”

  • by DrDad94 from San Antonio, Texas on Sun Jan 20 2019

Mileage issue

I’ve been waiting for this car! A full size sedan that gets 45 mph! Awesome! However… Bought my hybrid touring in late November. After 2200 miles it is consistently getting 37 mpg! Now, if it was a mile or two low I would shrug it off. But I’m getting 20% less! That’s not what I bought this car for! And I am babying this car, trying to get the most mileage possible out of it. The dealer I bought it from was awful, bad experience. So I took it to a nearby dealer to look into. They gave me a loaner of exact same model to see if mileage was better while I drove the loaner. 300 miles into the loaner… 37mpg! Honda!!! I’ve been a loyalist since the early 80s. This is my first real disappointment. What’s wrong with these cars???”

Do you have a 2018 or 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid?

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    I have a 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid EX-L. Although still fairly new – approx 1000 miles – I am experiencing similar (poor) gas mileage results versus the advertised Hybrid. I have driven both highway, city and a combination of both. Average mpg has been 35-36 mpg.

    William, this seems like a universal problem that started with the 2018 re-design. In fact, the 2017 model got one MPG BETTER than the 2018. So it appears to be an engineering problem affecting the 2018 and 2019 models.

    I have a 2019 Touring Accord Hybrid and it’s not getting anywhere near the mileage they claimed. It’s one thing if they had said, 35 in town and 49 highway, however, they didn’t…. love the car, not thrilled with the gap in mileage accuracy

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