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What Happens When the Pharmacy Gives You the Wrong Medication?

By The Law Offices of David L. Hood | Jun 20, 2017

Getting the wrong medication from the pharmacy and suffering serious harm sounds like a nightmare, but it’s shockingly common: medication errors cause at least one death every day and injure about 1.3 million people annually in the United States, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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These 6 Tips Can Help You After a Car Accident

By Hood Law Offices | May 16, 2017

Even if you’re a careful driver, you can still be a victim of a crash when someone else is at fault. Being in a collision often leads to pain, anxiety, and anger, and the intensity of the experience can cause people to make decisions that may not serve their best interests. 

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Here’s What to Do When Your Social Security Disability Claim Is Denied

By Hood Law Offices | May 1, 2017

If you’ve been denied after filing a claim for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, you’re far from alone. In fact, most SSD claimants receive a notice of denial after filing a claim. Statistically speaking, the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies initial SSD claims at a rate of 65%, and reconsiderations (the initial stage of appeals) have an even higher denial rate of 85%. 

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The “Final Offer”: A Common Insurance Company Bluff

By Hood Law Offices | Apr 6, 2017

If an insurance adjuster tells you that he or she will be unable to make any further offers, they may be bluffing, especially if it’s still early in your personal injury case. After learning a little about the way insurance companies and personal injury claims work, you’ll see that insurance companies often have very little to gain from following through on such a bluff.

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